Can I supply replacement ads?

For replica editions of all titles, you may send replacement creative -- for instance, to remove a scratch & sniff sticker, coupon, or add a URL -- however, files must be provided at original print specs and to original paging (spreads must still be a spread).

This maintains sizing and positioning alongside the print versions. We cannot accept iPad-only sized files for replica, as issues are available on a wide range of platforms and various sized tablets.

Can I send landscape ads?

With the exception of Car & Driver, all enhanced Hearst titles lock to portrait only view. For replica editions in landscape view, you will see the spread as it would appear in print. Therefore landscape creative cannot be accepted.

Can I enhance my ad?

For an enhancement rate, enhanced ads can be incorporated into Apple iTunes Newsstand editions on the iPad.

How do I enhance my ad?

Enhanced ads are managed by the Hearst App Lab. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Will my links be active?

On platforms where links are possible -- Apple iTunes Newsstand and Zinio -- all URLs will be active at no additional charge. All valid text URLs are activated on EFT (Enhanced for Tablet) Newsstand editions.

Can I supply an alternate link?

Only the URL (as visible in the creative) will be made active. If you wish that link to be redirected to another URL, there will be an additional enhancement rate. Please coordinate with your sales representative.

What is a clickable tracker?

Click trackers or click tags are unique URLs that are different than what appears on the page. This will redirect to a site that tracks how many readers access a page via our e-issue. Click tags are supplied and all data is monitored by the advertiser.
  Can I supply a clickable tracker?

Click trackers or click tags can be added at the enhancement rate. Please contact your sales representative.

What is a tracking pixel?

Tracking pixels are invisible lines of code that stream to an advertisers web site, recording how many readers view a page and for how long.

Can I embed a tracking pixel?

Tracking pixel's are not allowed by Apple, therefore we cannot accept tracking pixel submissions.

Will QR codes be clickable?

QR codes are scannable by smart phones on the tablet devices, however to make them tappable is an enhancement. Ehnancements will be arranged at the corresponding rate. Please contact your sales representative.

Can I review my digital ad prior to publication?

Due to the wide variety of newsstands, tablets, and platforms available, there is no delivery method to demo how the ad will look on each device.

Why are PDF CMYK specs requested for static electronic ads?

Our ad specs are designed to mirror print for consistency and usability. We request static ad high resolution PDFs for compliance within our ad portal, which also allows for repurposing.

Enhanced ads are handled separately. Please contact your sales representative for enhanced ad specifications. We request CMYK color space for images for consistency across all platforms.

Is there a maximum file size for static ads?

There are no maximum file size requirements for static ads at this time. For enhanced ads please contact your sales representative.

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